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We all missed them.


They go to school by streetcar.

My period is five weeks late.

I'm looking forward to the New Year holidays.

He sees everything in terms of power.

We know it was you that took Nathaniel's umbrella.

The police took immediate action to deal with the riot.

Yes, that's normal.

I can't play Flappy Bird.

I don't know why this happened.

You bought it, didn't you?

That daimyo holds a fief yielding 100,000 koku of rice.


I like being my own boss.


There is no stopping her going abroad.


He's stupid, but cute.

Kemal is one tough cookie.

I'm not telling you what to do.

I've been waiting for you all day.

Let's ask them.


Did you see my dog?

Why wouldn't Torsten tell me?

The pencil I lost yesterday was an old one.

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The sun makes the earth warm and light.


I really hope things work out for you.


Have you ever felt abandoned by God?

I went to Bali on summer holiday.

Is your wife tall?

Judge couldn't remember what he was supposed to do.

You shall have my car.

Don't talk about them that way.

Let's find somewhere to sit at the front.


Darin is a very tough competitor.

Who's on the team?

Some of the photos have been taken at the risk of life.

That's exactly what I want to know.

It's pretty clear that we have a problem.

I wish I were more like him.

Okay, try again.

The police dug out some facts about the matter.

He left the window as it was, open.

All was calm.

Tai and Rob will keep their promise.


Pablo doesn't like my dog.

I'm sorry I couldn't come to Subra's funeral.

In that unwelcoming place I found too many surly people.

John has a Tin Lizzie.

I'll do my best to have it ready on time.

Kingdoms and small countries then developed.

Matthieu is unsociable, isn't he?

Roxanne said you were his friend.

I'm sorry to disturb you.

Arnold didn't mention where he'd gone.

The brandy brought him around in no time.

He is such a teacher as we all admire.

Who is ultimately responsible for this?


He claims that he's gotten over all his failures.

They died for the cause of liberty.

I'm not going to wait for them.

You must inform your superior of the results.

It's not possible to wait.


I'm sure that Val can do it.

The cause of Heinz's death is still shrouded in mystery.

He was tried for murder.

Can you do that for all of us?

We can't leave any loose ends.

She got her master's degree three years ago.

She seemed surprised to hear her name called from behind.

I wish more people felt the same way.

This book will give you great pleasure.

"What if I miss the deadline?" "I bet he will get mad at you!"

He poured me some mysterious tea.


I don't think, therefore I am not.

Ross had lots of fun at the party.

Do they get up early in the morning?

He seized the pickpocket by the collar.

This is a special occasion.

I went to the park last Sunday.

Many pretty flowers bloom in the spring.

When was the last time you had a bath?

It is worth your time to read this book.

What movies just opened?

Both girls wear white suits.

He was the sort of man you could get along with.

When the cat's away, the mice will play.

Jacobson considered moving to Boston, but decided against it.

I hardly know her.

Tears are a child's weapon.

Make sure that the device is attached firmly to ceiling.


After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

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I admit that I was careless.


The traveler was delighted at the sight of a light in the distance.

I have some paperwork to do.

Willie told her.

Grow up, Joe.

Jeannie was cheating.

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She longed to hear him say that he loved her.

The flowers in the vase are beautiful.

Can you look here please?

We stopped at the monastery and went inside.

Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

Who exactly do you work for?

I got a leg cramp after using the leg press.

What he needs is practice.

You do look nice today!


I've already seen this.

What information do you want?

I'm going off to Vancouver next week to see my sister.

Your bag is on my desk.

Regard all art critics as useless and dangerous.


I think my girlfriend is kind of cute.


They have drunk two bottles of wine.

We should've realized that Anatoly needed our help.

This book is sold for a very attractive price!


Sanjay turned to his friends for help.

He kissed me and then I slapped him.

I hear from her once in a while.

How much money do you owe them?

Not a few houses were destroyed in the typhoon.

Don't lie.

Everyone watched Siping carefully.

Stephan will explain everything.

Terry eats nothing but his mother's cooking.

Paula had a bad day at the office.

How does the paper feel?

That was your choice.

What'll you give her?


Leo was riding on his father's shoulders.

May I have the floor?

The adventures I read about are absent from my life.

She is contemplating a trip.

Is that in Uighur?

This is my favorite movie.

I swear, John.


He'll really be happy, won't he?

The men are coming.

The only one who knows for sure is Barrett.


Let's try to make our world better.

He always finds the way out in everything.

It's going to be close.

She considered it.

Do you know how many people starve to death in the world annually?


As it happened, my grandmother was not at home.

I can't pick Joni up from school.

Hillary pretended to be angry.

It was nice to meet you, Kathy.

Her story was not interesting.

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I am thankful for my children.

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Folks, let's live as good friends!

Let's take it to her.

She speaks English really well.

I'm a very independent person.

Cultures have a coherent view of the world.

I got acquainted with him in France.

I stopped it.

Did you see them go aboard?

He seems to be indifferent to politics.

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You like Kawaguchi.

You never told me that you liked No.

You're feeling better now, aren't you?

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As a child, Hunter dreamt of becoming a world famous author.

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I have a few friends in Tokyo.

I sincerely hope you'll give me this second chance.

Her arms were bound fast.

He is a very fast swimmer.

Ruth isn't always busy.

I thought I would be nervous, but I was cool as a cucumber.

It is the educational system that needs to be reformed in this area.

I've never been beyond Okayama.

That accident was due to his carelessness.